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We are 104 tour guides members of Associazione Regionale Guide Sicilia - ARGS - all with the same aim: do our job in a very professional way and respecting the European and Italian law. 
A guided tour cannot be improvised, that's why we are here, professionals for a high quality tourism. We live here, we belong to this island and this island belongs to us. In French, Greek, English, Maltese, Dutch, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, German and Ukraine we will go together with you to discover the treasures of Sicily, one of the most popular tourist destinations. 

Together we will follow the traces that travelers of all ages, from the Grand Tour to nowadays, have been left, giving the island the opportunity for a constant increase in the number of visitors and the Sicilians a reason to be proud of their Sicilianità, of their thousand-year long history whose silent witnesses are archaeological finds and museum collections, towers and castles, palaces and churches, proud of the variety of flavors that this fertile land can produce, of the richness of scents that only this corner of paradise with all its contradictions can offer.


Together we will discover new itineraries searching little and big treasures of archeology from the Greek-Roman and Phoenician-Punic period, of  art of mosaics paintings and sculptures, of medieval baroque and liberty architecture. Together we will visit various world heritage sites proclaimed by UNESCO, natural reserves, wildlife oases and protected parks. Together we will touch the cities  and the smaller towns: from Palermo to Cefalù, from Trapani to Erice, from Agrigento to Sciacca, from Caltanissetta to Gela, from Enna to Piazza Armerina, from Catania to Acireale, from Messina to Taormina, from Syracuse to Noto, from Ragusa to Modica. Together we will travel along the salt route on the western coast, the wine route on the slopes of Etna, the itinerary of the Norman and Federician castles scattered throughout the Sicilian territory.

History, folklore and food and wine lovers, archaeologists and art historians, geologists and geographers, you will find these and other characteristics among the profiles of the ARGS members. You can contact us by sending an email to or choosing the guide from the list. We wait for you in our Sicily!


Presidente Matteo Miano     Vice-presidente Sebastiano Garifo 

Tesoriere Salvatore Ficarra 



Lucia Maiorca                         Ivan Nicosia

Revisori dei Conti

Laura Trovato                         Alba Tucci


Angela Inferrera                     Enza Licciardi 

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