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Natalie Maria Facenna



Regional Qualifications: Sicily

Glasgow, Scotland 1977. I am British of Italian origin, I graduated from the University of Glasgow in Hispanic Studies and I also have a Master in Tourism Management from the IULM University in Milan. I have studied in Brazil and in Spain.

Sicily managed to encapusulate me many years ago with its unique history, art, architecture and local esoteric traditions. My tours evolve around the Baroque era with a touch of the esoteric, pagan and hidden masonic symbolism.

I consider myself to be very charismatic and dynamic having lived and studied in many countries.

I speak Italian, Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese and Catalan but currently only guide in Italian and English.

I look forward to taking you on a mystical adventure discovering all the facets and hidden gems this spectacular island has to offer

+39 3488212581

+39 3488212581

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