Languages: English, French, Spanish, Portuguese

Place of residence: Messina and Palermo

+39 347 18 56 950

Regional Qualifications


I was born under the bright Mediterranean sun in Messina, Sicily. Since my teenage years, I have travelled extensively throughout Europe, Asia, Africa, and the Americas — transforming my passion for travelling into my profession. Over the past twenty-eight years, I have lived and worked extensively as a Tour Guide and Tour Escort/Manager in Australia, New Zealand, Brazil, Venezuela, Canada, and my homeland Italy.

Many language courses have strengthened my language skills, and I am fluent in English, French, Spanish, and Portuguese – in addition to my native Italian and Sicilian. Whether for pleasure or work, my experiences continue to improve my multilingual abilities and to enhance my broad knowledge and insight into the diverse cultures of many destinations. My globe-trotting years have enabled me to become a team member of many well-respected travel organisations.

As a speaker at travel conventions, meetings, or conferences, I am confident in my presentations. As a tour leader, I have no problems with imparting information nor with receiving feedback. I have the ability to remain calm in extremely difficult travel situations and to cope with events that go wrong in spite of careful planning.

I sincerely believe that my passion for travelling will lead the individual tourist or the tour group to see the magnificence of our planet. I am articulate, enthusiastic, and empathetic. I can also be witty and charming, realizing that an engaging personality keeps me in good stead. Many diplomats, VIPs, government leaders, teachers, families, and the general public have praised my professionalism on my tours.

However, the best recommendations come from the clients themselves. Please refer to some of their comments under Testimonials.


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