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Languages: English, Spanish

Place of residence: Ragusa

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Marco Palermo guida Args

+39 320 2199836

Regional Qualifications

Cultural and sightseeing tours in urban and natural areas. Area of specialization: Eastern Sicily, Ragusa and Siracusa districts.

Hello, my name is Marco and I'm specialized in guided tours in the south-east of Sicily with a particular focus on the area around Ragusa with all its UNESCO baroque monuments and its beautiful countryside. This district, as you probably know, was made very popular by the “Inspector Montalbano” TV show and a lot of people are delighted to visit the various filming locations. If also you feel like visiting a particular filming location or a historical site you’re interested in, be it Baroque, ancient Greek or prehistorical, taking a walk in the city or going for a hike in the countryside, I can certainly help!

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