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Languages: English, French, Spanish

Place of residence: Messina

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Giovanna Fasano

+39 328 9420270 

Regional Qualifications


I can define my self a customer oriented guide, because service quality is what customers love, not just provided quality. Nice memories are actually what remains of a good tour.
I am a dinamic and friendly guide; i love work with childrens and schools, but also with adults who cares about their interior child. 
My strong interest to art and anthropology, is supported with a tourism business sciences degree, both, and my traveller experience, help me to solve little problems who can came up and realize little but big dreams my clients can have.
Also when i explaine a work of art or a place, i love to describe them in an easy way for everybody , making comparisons with different ages, cultures, habits with a language suited to the group i have.
Always remembering that tourists are word citizen

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