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Languages: English, Maltese, Italian

Place of residence: Catania

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Giovanna Farrugia Guida ARGS

+39 333 3502426

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Regional Qualifications

Etna & Taormina, Oriental Sicily (Catania and province), Syracuse, Piazza Armerina.

I was born in Malta where I worked in the Ministery of Public Works and came to Sicily when I got married. When I was in Malta I got my degree in english language and english literature of the University of Oxford. I have been a tourist guide since 1990. For some years I also did tours around Sicily but now I mostly do local excursions. As I have always been interested in archeology and architecture, I love my work as a tourist guide. In the past years I had the opportunity to meet many interesting people like archeologists, historians and television journalists. I love to describe the beauty of this country so it is a real pleasure for me when I notice that the tourists appreciate what I explain and leave the country with entusiasm and in some cases they hope to return once more.

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