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Languages: English, German, Italian

Place of residence: Catania

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Enza Licciardi guida Args

+39 347 0352967

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Regional Qualifications

Taormina, Mt. Etna and Eastern Sicily, Sicily round tours, wine & food tours

I am a tour guide for passion!

An humanistic education (classical high school, degree in foreign language) and an imponderable destiny brought me closer to the involving teaching experience, but the subsequent discovery of the 'tourism planet' led me to start this professional adventure that passionate myself every day more. The approach remains educational: gradually let others discover what I already know remains my vocation - but this time the content does not risk to remain unheard because, just like Sicily, it is full of exuberant life.

To communicate Sicily, island and continent at the same time, means to venture into always new landscapes, to explore history, to get lost in the art's winding and in the various architectural styles of different eras, to undertake anthropological adventures and unparalleled gastronomic journeys.

There is nothing more beautiful! And together we will discover it!

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