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Languages: English, French, German

Place of residence: Catania

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+39 327 73 27 273

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Regional Qualifications

Catania, Etna & Taormina, Sicilian architecture (of all ages), Sicilian Tour (3-9 days), Ecotourism and Sustainable travel

Architect fond of travelling, I am Sicilian tourist guide since 2017. After working abroad in the field of green buildings for a few years, improving also my knowledge of foreign languages (I speak English, German and French), I came back to the slopes of Mount Etna to deal with urban and cultural regeneration, driven by the desire to promote Sicily and sicilianity. I love to lead the visitor through the richness of our historical and archaeological sites and the most untouched natural landscapes, sharing the stories of the inhabitants, the folk, food and wine traditions. All this in the perspective of responsible and sustainable tourism, animated by a constant environmental and social commitment.

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