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Languages: English

Place of residence: Catania

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Alessia Fichera Guida Turistica

+39 3450910426

  • Alessia Fichera Tour Guide
  • Alessia Fichera Tour Guide

Regional Qualifications

Catania, Etna & Taormina, Siracusa & Noto Valley, Villa Romana del Casale, Sicily Tours

I was born and I’ve lived in a city located on the slopes of Etna. 
The love for my land and the curiosity for its treasures led me to undertake studies in the tourism/art sector. My degree in history of art allowed me to gain greater awareness of the Sicily's heritage, prompting me to qualify myself as a tour guide to praise its beauties.
I am a dynamic and friendly tour guide, I love to pass down to you all the feelings that are associated with my land, whether you are children or adults! Sicily is a garden in the middle of the sea, an island of landing and departures. Sicily preserves breathtaking landscape, beauties and places where the ingenuity of man has turned into art.
Come and discover Sicily with me, I will take you to admire the Baroque of the Noto Valley, the majesty of Etna and the ancient Greek-Roman ruins!

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